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Corfu Island

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Corfu Island

Explore Corfu's enchanting landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture with this comprehensive guide. From sun-soaked beaches and water sports to historical tours and cultural experiences, Corfu offers a plethora of activities for every traveler. Discover hidden gems like Nissaki and secluded beaches for an unforgettable island retreat. Embrace the tranquility of Paxos Island and the luxury of staying in stunning villas. This guide is your ultimate companion for a perfect holiday on Corfu Island

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Unlocking the wonders of Corfu Island. Everything about weather conditions, history, culture and Must-Visit spots – This is Your Ultimate Guide to a perfect holiday experience.

Corfu Island – An Ionian Gem

Situated to the north-west of Greece in the enchanting Ionian Sea, Corfu island invites you into a realm of dreamy landscapes and captivating sea views that grace every corner.

In Corfu island, summer unveils near-perfect weather, creating an ideal setting for beach enthusiasts. Yet, the island’s allure doesn’t fade with the changing seasons; with an average winter temperature of about 16 Celsius, Corfu boasts a year-round appeal.

Renowned for its pristine sandy and pebbly beaches, Corfu’s crystalline waters, offer a haven for sunbathing and relaxation, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Adventurous spirits will find an array of water activities provided by top-notch companies at seaside resorts. From snorkeling to diving classes and sailing, the possibilities are as boundless as the sea itself.

On land, Corfu island beckons with endless opportunities for hiking and cycling, each path unfolding awe-inspiring views. Boat tours, excursions, and eco-tours further enhance the exploration of this island’s natural wonders.

Dive into Corfu’s rich history and culture, a testament to its diverse heritage. Join walking tours led by experienced guides to truly immerse yourself in the captivating stories etched into the island’s architecture, buildings and art.

During your stay in Corfu island, let the rhythm of local music resonate as you feel the vibrant atmosphere that permeates every corner. Experience the diversity woven into the island’s cultural tapestry, evident in its architecture, buildings and art. Corfu island is not just a destination; it’s an immersive journey into an island paradise, waiting to be explored.

Discover Nissaki. Corfu’s Hidden Gem Just a 30-Minute Drive from the Capital

A mere 30-minute drive from the bustling capital of Corfu, you’ll uncover the hidden paradise of Nissaki, home to one of the island’s finest beaches. A cherished spot for both locals and travelers alike, Nissaki is a picturesque village nestled in the northeastern corner of Corfu.

The beach at Nissaki is a delight, divided into two sections. The smaller beach, adjacent to the local harbor, exudes charm, while the larger section caters to those seeking the comforts of upmarket hotels. Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters and savor the incredible views stretching across the sea of Corfu island.

Stroll along the quaint harbor or pause at one of the charming tavernas to relish local dishes, complemented by Corfiot beer and wine. A day in Nissaki invites you to bask in the sun, embark on a boat ride, or partake in a scuba diving session – all readily available in this captivating area.

For enthusiasts of underwater exploration and sea caves, Nissaki is a must-visit among Corfu’s beaches. It also serves as an ideal base for exploring neighboring seaside areas. A short drive takes you to a string of crystal-clear water beaches, including Kalami and Barbati. Explore with ease by opting a car hire service, ensuring you have the perfect vehicle for your Corfu adventure.

Krouzeri, another gem among Corfu’s beaches, awaits your exploration. Plan your next visit to Nissaki and choose from a selection of beachfront luxury resorts, villas, and apartments for an unforgettable island retreat.

Asprokavos & Arkoudilas

While Corfu island is celebrated for its renowned beaches, it also harbors secluded havens away from the bustling crowds. At the southernmost point, just across from Paxos island, lies the enchanting Cape of Asprokavos.

Named after the steep rocks that greet visitors approaching from the south, this cape and the neighboring Cape of Arkoudilas boast unspoiled beaches, untouched by mass tourism. Picture a natural haven adorned with rock formations, golden sands, turquoise waters, and gentle waves, creating a scene of postcard perfection.

Arkoudilas, now uninhabited, stands densely forested with cypresses and olive trees. In the past, a monastery in Arkoudilas drew thousands of believers annually on the 15th of August to worship the image of the Virgin Mary.

The beaches between Asprokavos and Arkoudilas, though not easily accessible due to rugged rock formations, embody the essence of seclusion and desolation. A paradise for off-road enthusiasts, these hidden gems define the epitome of secluded and deserted beaches. Embark on a safari journey to experience the thrill and beauty of these remote locations.

To access certain parts of the endless golden sands, a short trek on foot is required. Remember, the best beaches often demand a bit of effort, but the crystal-clear waters and untouched beauty make the journey more than worthwhile. Prepare to be captivated by the serene allure of Corfu’s hidden coastal treasures.

Paxos Island: A Pristine Haven of Tranquility

Nestled in the embrace of the Ionian Sea and right under of Corfu island, Paxos Island stands as a testament to untouched beauty, maintaining its pristine allure despite its popularity. Prepare to be mesmerized by the crystalline turquoise waters that stretch as far as the eye can see, with Paxos and Antipaxos emerging as the largest jewels in this tranquil archipelago.

Both islands share the same fantastic scenery, adorned with iconic beaches that beckon to be explored. To truly appreciate the beauty surrounding Paxos, consider our yacht services, offering you the opportunity to embark on a sea-bound adventure and discover the breathtaking landscapes from a unique perspective.

Situated just 7 miles south of Corfu island, Paxos is easily accessible, and its capital, Gaios, is a charming village enveloping the local port. To the north lies the picturesque area of Lakka, while to the east, the village of Loggos invites you to experience pure serenity.

Year after year, Paxos welcomes thousands of visitors, eager to bask in its gorgeous beaches and immerse themselves in the beauty of the island’s olive groves. Join the ranks of those who have discovered the unspoiled paradise of Paxos, where every moment is an invitation to serenity and natural splendor.”

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