Giannis & Leonidas

Reservations Managers

Email Phone (Giannis) (+30) 6973 391 561 Phone (Leonidas) (+30) 6937 833 088

Terms & Conditions

1. The reservation will be activated only after the payment of the relevant deposit to the company’s account.

2. The reservation will be fully paid at least one (1) month prior to arrival, unless otherwise agreed in writing among the parties.

3. In case the “VISITOR” cancels the reservation up to 30 days before arrival, the guarantee that has been paid will be forfeited. In case the reservation is canceled from the 30th day before the arrival until the last day of the departure of the “VISITOR” from the “ACCOMMODATION”, the entire amount of the reservation will be due.

4. The “COMPANY” is obliged through the owner of the “ACCOMMODATION” to offer the “ACCOMMODATION” in excellent condition and exactly as advertised on the rental platforms with all facilities and mechanisms in operation and to ensure that everything is fully operational throughout the time of stay.

5. In case of cancellation of the reservation for the above reasons or in case there are real defects of the “ACCOMMODATION” the “VISITOR” will have the right to demand a refund of part or all of the rent or compensation. There is no right of refund or compensation in case an equal or higher category “ACCOMMODATION” is provided which is located in the same area and offers the same benefits as the “ACCOMMODATION”. Also, the “VISITOR” will not have the right to refund or be compensated in case any problems that arise in the “ACCOMMODATION”, are resolved within a reasonable time.

6. The “VISITOR” will be able to arrive at the “ACCOMMODATION” after 15:00 pm local time on the day of arrival and is obliged to leave at 10:00 am on the day of departure.

7. The “VISITOR” is obliged to make good use of the “ACCOMMODATION”, the common areas as well as the equipment and each branch of the “ACCOMMODATION” and is obliged to compensate in case of any damage or deterioration to the “ACCOMMODATION”.

8. The “COMPANY” mediates between the owner of the “ACCOMMODATION” and the “VISITOR” in order for the “VISITOR” to make use of the “ACCOMMODATION”. In other words, the “COMPANY” acts as the agent of the “VISITOR” and prepares the short-term lease agreement on behalf of the “VISITOR”. Thus, the “COMPANY” as the agent of the “VISITOR” will not be responsible in case of any damage or deterioration to the belongings of the “VISITOR” or possible accidents in the premises of the “ACCOMMODATION”. This responsibility has been assumed by the owner of the “ACCOMMODATION” with a special agreement he has concluded with the “COMPANY”.