Villa Horizon

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Immerse Yourself in Paradise

Villa Horizon is the best way to spend your vacation in serenity of the village Evropouloi and bliss by being surrounded by the clear blue Ionian Sea. A place where you can relax and watch the sunset with your loved ones on the outdoor terrace.

The Layout

Welcome to the embrace of Villa Horizon, where the dawn illuminates the Ionian Sea, painting Corfu Bay in a breathtaking palette of golds and pinks. Your private balcony offers a front-row seat to this daily spectacle, inviting you to savor the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean morning. Villa Horizon stands as an elegant, three-story minimalist structure. As you step inside, the open-plan living area captivates with its interplay of light and space, adorned in minimalist elegance. Floor-to-ceiling windows dissolve the barrier between indoors and out, welcoming the essence of Corfu’s landscape into every corner. With four modernly furnished bedrooms and four bathrooms, it comfortably accommodates up to eight people. The ground floor boasts a spacious living room, a cozy seating area, an extra fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, and one bathroom.Relaxation finds its home in the villa’s private oasis. The infinity pool’s azure waters seamlessly merge with the horizon, while inviting sun loungers tempt you to bask in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun. Picture yourself gazing at the apparelled blue horizon as you prepare meals on the barbecue for enchanting al fresco dining experiences beneath the starlit sky.

The Area

Villa Horizon is nestled in the serene area of Evropouloi village, where the first governor of Greece once had his private residence. Here, you can take leisurely walks amidst the lush greenery, immersing yourself in the delightful scents of blooming flowers. Just a stone’s throw away, the heart of Corfu beckons with its rich history, cultural treasures, and vibrant energy. Nearby, you’ll find beautiful beaches and traditional tavernas offering authentic Corfiot cuisine for you to enjoy.

What You'll Love

4 Bedroom Villa

Master Bedroom - 1st Floor
1 King Size
2nd Bedroom - 1st Floor
1 King Size Bed
Twin Bedroom - 1st Floor
2 Twin Beds
Lower Level Bedroom
1 King Size Bed
MHTE:MHTE 00001079786

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