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We all know that Corfu holds some of the most breathtaking views in the Mediterranean, but what about its weather, history, culture and best spots? Here’s all you need to know before your holiday to Corfu.


Located to the west of Greece, the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea boasts a dreamy atmosphere and incredible sea views from almost every spot.

The weather in Corfu during the summer is almost always perfect for getting to the beach. At the same time, the average winter temperature of about 16 Celsius shows that this destination has no off-season.

Corfu is widely known for its amazing sandy or pebbly beaches, boasting crystalline waters, which offer great opportunities for sunbathing and relaxation while enjoying great views to the surrounding scenery and sea.

For adventurous travellers, there is an abundance of incredible water activities offered by top-notch companies operating at seaside resorts, like snorkelling, diving classes, sailing, etc.

Concerning land activities, you will be surely fascinated with the endless opportunities of hiking and cycling offered while enjoying awe-inspiring views or with various boat tours, excursions and eco-tours organized in Corfu.

Furthermore, since Corfu has always been a place with a multitude of people from different backgrounds and cultures together in the same environment, the exploration of the history and culture of this island will be a fantastic experience to foreign travellers. A great way to immerse yourself in the culture is to join one of our walking tours with our experienced tour guides.

During your holiday experience on Corfu, you can become familiar with the rhythm of local music and feel the vibrant atmosphere everywhere on the island. We are sure you will experience the diversity; you can see it in this island’s architecture, buildings and art.


You will find one of the best beaches just a 30-minute drive from the capital of Corfu: Nissaki.

It is a favourite location for Corfiots and travellers and constitutes a picturesque village northeast of Corfu. The beach of Nissaki is divided into two sections: the smaller beach is close to the local harbour, and the larger one is near the existing upmarket hotels.

This beach is great for swimming, while you will enjoy incredible views to the sea of Corfu and the serene surroundings and crystalline waters.

Walk along the small harbour or stop by one of the tavernas to taste local dishes, Corfiot beer and wine. While staying in Nissaki of Corfu, just spend your day soaking up the sun on the beach, taking a boat ride or even joining a scuba diving session –all these top activities are available in the area of Nissaki.

If you are fond of exploring underwater life or sea caves, then Nissaki has to be on your list of Corfiot beaches. This beach is also a nice base for exploring other neighbouring seaside areas. You just have to drive to find a chain of beaches like Kalami or Barbati, boasting crystal-clear water. Head to our care hire service to find the perfect car for your trip so you can visit all these must-see locations!

Krouzeri is another beauty when it comes to top Corfiot beaches. Plan your next visit to Nissaki and stay at one of the beach and waterfront luxury resorts, villas and apartments.


The island of Corfu is widely known for its famous beaches but Corfu’s coastline is also full of secluded spots away from the crowds. At the southernmost point of Corfu, just opposite Paxos island is the Cape of Asprokavos.

This cape was named after the steep rocks seen while approaching the island of Corfu to the south. Just north of here there is another Cape, that of Arkoudilas. Both areas constitute unspoilt beaches, unaffected by mass tourism, boasting a great natural environment with rock formations, impossibly golden sand, turquoise water and delicate waves – all of which complete the postcard perfection.

The area of Arkoudilas is now uninhabited and densely forested with cypresses and olive trees. In Arkoudilas, there was a monastery in the past where thousands of believers used to flock each year on the 15th of August to worship the image of the Virgin Mary.

Regarding the beaches between Asprokavos and Arkoudilas, they cannot be accessed easily due to the existing rock formations, but this is what makes them an off-roader’s paradise and the true definition of secluded and deserted beaches. Try taking a safari journey to these locations; you’re sure to be in for a journey packed with action!

The endless golden sand of the beaches is your prize for approaching certain parts of them on foot. Do not forget that the best beaches are often the most difficult to reach, but the crystal-clear waters will make it worth it!


Paxos Island, a magnificent spot known for its pure and pristine environment, remains unspoilt despite its popularity.

Prepare to be amazed by crystalline, turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. Paxos Island is a part of numerous islets, but the largest ones are Paxos and Antipaxos. What both islands share is the fantastic scenery with iconic beaches.

If you want to explore the beautiful waters surrounding Paxos, head over to our yacht services, allowing you to explore the beauty of Paxos from the sea.

Paxos island is located close to Corfu, about 7 miles to the south. The capital of Paxos is Gaios, a quaint village surrounding the local port. To the north, you can see the beautiful area of Lakka, while to the east lies the village of Loggos, where you can experience pure serenity.

Nowadays, Paxos welcomes thousands of visitors yearly since it boasts gorgeous beaches and a beautiful array of olive groves!

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